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Open 24/7 online
Showroom open 930am to 430pm
202 Bong Bong Street, Bowral, NSW 2576
(Closed Sunday and Public Holidays)
Call us on 0248712966

BlockSignals - LCS4 - Level Crossing Simulator with Real Sound

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Level Crossing Module with Real Sound LCS4  

Level Crossing Module with Real Sound

  • Uses an infra-red sensor to detect a train passing (can also be triggered by reed relay, push -button, switch, or simply supplying power to the module)

  • Automatically operates lights and sounder when triggered

  • Module reproduces a preselected sound clip from 18 possible choices (gongs, sounders, bells, Yodalarm, etc)

  • At the same time, the conventional light sequence of a single yellow light, followed by alternating red flashing lights commences

  • Automatically stops the sounder after 10 seconds

  • The module is fully programmable to adjust the flash rate, duration of the sequence, and so on


    The BLOCKsignalling LCS4 Level Crossing Module provides a realistic simulation of a full sized level crossing, operating the lights and sounder once triggered.  An infra-red sensor is included which will trigger the module when infra-red light is reflected from the underside of a train passing above the sensor. The flashing lights will continue to operate whilst the whole of the train passes over the sensor, and will only stop after the sensor is cleared (there is an additional adjustable delay which can be set after the train has cleared the sensor so the flashing lamps cease at an appropriate point).

    Alternatively, the A and K terminals can be linked, in which case the module will be triggered as soon as the power is applied, playing the sound clip and then continuing to flash the red leds alternately until the power is removed.  If a push button or reed switch is wired between the A and K terminals, a brief contact closure will play the sound clip and operate the lights for 10 seconds.  If a push button is used, and held down, the lights will continue flashing until the button is released. 


    The UK sequence is shown below. The duration of each phase can be easily adjusted during the programming to suit individual requirements. 

    The module can be used with between one and four sets of lights, depending on the complexity of the layout, and whether the crossing is visible from both sides or not. 


    The sounder provides a 10 second clip of one of the 18 possible level crossing sounds selected from a number of countries.  The default is the UK Yodalarm sound, which is defined in the following document:

    Railway Group Standard GI/RT7012 states that the audible alarm shall comprise of the repetition of two alternating tones of equal duration with frequencies of 800Hz and 1000Hz. This sequence shall repeat approximately every 0.5 second. Where it is required to give warning of a second train approaching the rate of repetition shall be increased to approximately every 0.25 second.

    The speaker provided can be located on the underside of the baseboard, or within a structure such as a building on the topside. Some experimentation will be required to achieve a suitable sound level, by the use of wadding if necessary to reduce the perceived volume.

     Power Supply

    The module operates from AC or DC supplies.

    You can use a DC power supply between 12V and 25V DC, or any AC power supply between 10V and 16V AC.

    Where a choice is a available, a 12V DC supply is recommended.

    Manual :

LCS4 - Level Crossing Simulator with Real Sound

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