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FLEISCHMANN - 6117 - Buffer stop PU 10 HO Scale

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6117 - Buffer stop HO Gauge

Buffer stop, with end of track indicator.
To clip onto H0 tracks at the end of sidings. Also usable on curves.

ALL ABOARD recommend

Standard straight track   200mm             Art. No.: 6101

Straight track   105mm                             Art. No.: 6102

Straight track   100mm                            Art. No.: 6103

Flexible Track with ballast base   800mm              Art. No: 6106

Track straight, 10mm                                            Art. No: 6107

Flexible Track with ballast base   800mm              Art. No.: 6109 concrete sleepers

Adjustable Straight Track   80 to 120mm              Art. No.: 6110

Buffer for Profi track                                           Art. No.: 6117

Curved track R1, 36°     356.5mm      10 to circle               Art. No.: 6120

Curved track R1, 18°     356.5mm      20 to circle               Art. No.: 6122

Curved track R2, 36°     420 mm      10 to circle                 Art. No.: 6125

Curved track R2, 18°     420 mm      20 to circle                 Art. No.: 6127

Curved track R3, 18°     483.5 mm    20 to circle                Art. No.: 6131

Curved track R4, 18°     547 mm       20 to circle                 Art. No.: 6133

Curved track, 18° Ri       647mm                                     Art. No.: 6138

Curved track, 7.5° Ri      788mm                                        Art. No.: 6139

Turntable with motor and switch Deck 310mm     Art. No.: 6152

Three-way turnout                                  Art. No.: 6157

Turnout left hand                                      Art. No.: 6170

Turnout right hand                                    Art. No.: 6171

Curved turnout left                                   Art. No.: 6174

Curved turnout right                                 Art. No.: 6175

High-Speed turnout left hand                   Art. No.: 6178

High-Speed turnout right hand                Art. No.: 6179

Crossover track crossing, 36°. length: 105 mm.      Art. No.: 6160

Crossover track left hand crossing, 18°. length: 200 mm.    Art. No.: 6162

Crossover track Right hand crossing, 18°. length: 200 mm. Art. No.: 6163

Profi Track Pack No. B                           Art. No.: 6190

Profi Track Pack No. C                           Art. No.: 6191

Profi Track Pack No. D                           Art. No.: 6192

6117 - Buffer stop HO Scale

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