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FLEISCHMANN - 6433 - Rail joiner insulated PU 10 HO Scale

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6433 - Rail joiner insulated PU 10 HO Gauge

Isolating rail joints for electrical rail cut-off.

Can be used on any layout section.

The mechanical connection is maintained. (12 pieces)

Special coloured plastic (nickel silver)

ALL ABOARD recommend

Rail joiner insulated      (12)                     Art. No.: 6433

Rail joiner metal             (20)                   Art. No.: 6436

Profi “click” metal rail joiners   (20)           Art. No.: 6434

Standard straight track   200mm             Art. No.: 6101

Straight track   105mm                             Art. No.: 6102

Straight track   100mm                            Art. No.: 6103

Flexible Track with ballast base   800mm              Art. No: 6106

Track straight, 10mm                                            Art. No: 6107

Flexible Track with ballast base   800mm              Art. No.: 6109 concrete sleepers

Adjustable Straight Track   80 to 120mm              Art. No.: 6110

Buffer for Profi track                                           Art. No.: 6117

Curved track R1, 36°     356.5mm      10 to circle               Art. No.: 6120

Curved track R1, 18°     356.5mm      20 to circle               Art. No.: 6122

Curved track R2, 36°     420 mm      10 to circle                 Art. No.: 6125

Curved track R2, 18°     420 mm      20 to circle                 Art. No.: 6127

Curved track R3, 18°     483.5 mm    20 to circle                Art. No.: 6131

Curved track R4, 18°     547 mm       20 to circle                 Art. No.: 6133

Curved track, 18° Ri       647mm                                     Art. No.: 6138

Curved track, 7.5° Ri      788mm                                        Art. No.: 6139

Turntable with motor and switch Deck 310mm     Art. No.: 6152

Three-way turnout                                  Art. No.: 6157

Turnout left hand                                      Art. No.: 6170

Turnout right hand                                    Art. No.: 6171

Curved turnout left                                   Art. No.: 6174

Curved turnout right                                 Art. No.: 6175

High-Speed turnout left hand                   Art. No.: 6178

High-Speed turnout right hand                Art. No.: 6179

Crossover track crossing, 36°. length: 105 mm.      Art. No.: 6160

Crossover track left hand crossing, 18°. length: 200 mm.    Art. No.: 6162

Crossover track Right hand crossing, 18°. length: 200 mm. Art. No.: 6163

Profi Track Pack No. B                           Art. No.: 6190

Profi Track Pack No. C                           Art. No.: 6191

Profi Track Pack No. D                           Art. No.: 6192

6433 - Rail joiner insulated PU 10 HO Gauge

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