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FLEISCHMANN - 9479 - Ballast PU 5 N Scale

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9479 - Ballast N Gauge 150g

Track ballast.  Finely grained ballast scatter to go between tracks.

ALL ABOARD recommend

Fleischmann Oil                                Art No.: 6599

Track Rubber                                      Art No.: 6595

Track straight, length 222mm                      Art No.: 9100

Straight track, length 111 mm.                   Art. No.: 9101

Three-way point for manual operation, length 111 mm.                  Art. No.: 9157

Left hand standard point for manual operation, length 111 mm   Art. No.: 9170

Right hand standard point for manual operation, length 111 mm                Art. No.: 9171

Left hand curved point for manual operation                       Art. No.: 9174

Right hand curved point for manual operation                    Art. No.: 9175

Straight Track     111mm                 Art 9101

Straight Track     57.5mm                Art 9102

Straight Track     55.5mm                Art 9103

Straight Track     27.5mm                Art 9104

Flexible Track     777mm                 Art 9106

Straight track extendable from 83 to 111 mm.     Art no 9110

Manual uncoupler track, length 111 mm.              Art No 9114             

electric motor can be clipped in later for 9114   Art No 9444

Buffer stop, length 57,5 mm.                                       Art No 9116

Curve Track Radius 1: 192 mm                                    Art No 9120

Curve Track Radius 2: 225.6mm                                  Art No 9125

Curve Track Radius 3: 396.4mm                                  Art No 9130

Curved track, radius R4, 15°.                        Art. No.: 9136

Track pack. Station Set B                               Art. No.: 9189

Track pack. Shunter Set C                              Art. No.: 9190

Track pack. Complete Set D                          Art. No.: 9191

Track pack. Three-way point Set E             Art. No.: 9194

Track pack. Platform Set F                            Art. No.: 9196

Analogue Starter Set: Diesel locomotive class 212 and goods wagon, DB AG           Art. No.: 931705

Turntable extension set for turntable 9152 containing 3 exit tracks and 3 over-run ends.

Electrically operated turntable                   Art. No.: 9152

Crossover 30°, length 115 mm.                   Art. No.: 9161

N Gauge Track Metal Rail Joiners 20         Art. No.: 9404

9479 - Ballast N Gauge

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