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MARKLIN - 37997 - Steam locomotive Big Boy 4014 UP (HO SCALE)

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37997 - Steam locomotive Big Boy 4014 UP (HO SCALE)


One-time series of the oil-fired “Big Boy” 4014, which was originally put back into operation by Union Pacific.

Prototypical implementation in the model.

Product description

Model: With digital decoder mfx + and extensive sound functions.

Controlled high-efficiency propulsion. 8 axles powered.

Traction tires.

Equipped for two smoke generators 7226.

The headlights change over with the direction of travel, number boards and smoke generator contact will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally.

The cab lighting can be controlled digitally.

Lighting with maintenance-free warm white light emitting diodes (LED).

Curved articulated chassis.

Boxbox wheels.

Central coupling axles are sprung.

Steam lines pivoted with the cylinders.

Close coupling between the locomotive and the tender.

Powerful loudspeaker in the tender, volume adjustable.

Coupling hooks can be inserted into the rail scraper at the front.

Separately applied metal handle bars.

Many separately applied details.

Figures of a train driver and stoker for the driver's cab are included.

Length over the couplings approx. 46.5 cm.

The image is a digital retouching. Notes on operation:

The locomotive can be used on curved tracks from a radius of 360 mm, but we recommend larger radii.

Due to the overhang of the long boiler, signals, centenary masts, bridge railings, tunnel portals, etc. Maintain a sufficient distance from the curved track.

For the heavy weight of the locomotive, the track must be firmly attached.

The turntable and transfer platform can only be driven on in the drive-through position.

Products bearing "Union Pacific" are made under trademark license from the Union Pacific Railroad Company.

A passenger car set to go with it can be found in the Märklin H0 assortment under item numbers 43617.

This model can be found in a DC version in the Trix H0 assortment under item numbers 22014 and 22163.

One-time series.



Smoke generator contact                                                       

Steam locomotive driving noise                                                          

Locomotive whistle                                                     

Direct control                                                 

Brake squeal from                                                     

Cab lighting                                                    

Shunting whistle                                                         

Number plate lighting                                                

Bell jar                                                           

Operating noise                                                          

Air pump                                                        


Auxiliary blower                                                         

Conductor's whistle                                                    

Cabin radio                                                    

Dome noise                                                    

Refill fuel                                                        

Refill fuel                                                        

Refill fuel                                                        



Rail joint         

 INFORMATION on Prototype                            

 The "Big Boys 4014" The series 4000 of the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) known as the "Big Boy" is certainly one of the most popular among the steam giants in America, if not worldwide. Initially 20 of these articulated locomotives (No. 4000-4019) of the type (2'D) D2'h4 were built in 1941 at ALCO from the continuation of the "Challenger" concept, extremely successful UP articulated steam locomotives of the type (2'C) C2'h4 . Another small series of five machines (No. 4020-4024) followed in 1944. The conception of the "Big Boys" resulted from the usual requirements as with all other American large locomotive designs: Fewer locomotives should transport heavier train loads at higher speeds. Basically, the UP procured the 25 machines for a single route: From Cheyenne / Wyoming 830 km westwards through the foothills of the Rocky Mountains over Sherman Hill to Ogden / Utah. The result was a gigantic machine for fast freight traffic with a service weight of 548 t (including tender). In July 1959, the Big Boy era was finally over and the fire in all machines went out. But on May 10, 2019, the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad ("150 years of the Golden Spike") should be celebrated in style. After all, the UP was one of the two railways that had achieved this magnificent achievement. Therefore something spectacular should pay tribute to this event and so there were first rumors in 2013 that a "Big Boy" should be put back into operation. After all, there were still eight machines left. The UP steam locomotive specialists now checked each of the surviving locomotives in order to find the best candidate for remanufacturing. Ultimately, the choice fell on the 4014 in the RailGiants Train Museum in Pomona, as the mild Californian climate had affected the locomotive the least and its boiler was in the best condition of all preserved machines. Their transfer to Cheyenne was finally completed on May 8, 2014 after a journey of several days. It soon became apparent that around 60% of the parts had to be replaced due to the decades of storage and the rest required a complete overhaul. The UP steam workshop with its nine employees originally planned five years to recondition the Big Boy. But during the same period a general inspection had to be carried out on the UP steam locomotive 844, so that the commissioning of the 4014 only took two and a half years. It was not until February 6, 2019 that an important milestone in its processing was successfully mastered. It passed the water pressure test of the boiler. Now it happened in quick succession. On April 9th, the 4014's oil burner was lit for the first time. But time was running out, because the locomotive was supposed to be seen under steam at a major event in Ogden on May 9th. So only a short test drive was scheduled for the 4014 on May 2nd, which was successfully completed. It is estimated that the UP had to spend at least four million US dollars on the processing. But from that day on, the railway company again ran the largest and most powerful operable steam locomotive in the world.

37997 - Steam locomotive Big Boy 4014 UP (HO SCALE)

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