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Open 24/7 online
Showroom open 930am to 430pm
202 Bong Bong Street, Bowral, NSW 2576
(Closed Sunday and Public Holidays)
Call us on 0248712966

Marklin - 60971 - Decoder Programmer Decoder Programmer (HO Scale)

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60971     Decoder-Programmer Highlights Fast programming of the new märklin mLD3 and mSD3 decoders.  

Product This unit is for fast programming of the new märklin LokDecoder3 and märklin Sounddecoder3.

You can connect it easily to your PC/laptop by means of a USB port.

You will require the märklin Decoder Tool Software (mDT) that can be downloaded easily on our homepage.

The mDT software will help you transfer existing sound or sound you have recorded on your own quickly and easily.

You can now also program very easily all other settings such as maximum speed, braking behavior, etc.

Intended Use

• This product can be used for fast programming of Märklin mSD3 and mLD3 (60975, -976, -977, -978, -979, -982, -985, -986, -987) decoders.

• Original locomotive decoders in Märklin locomotives from the factory that are based on mSD3 and mLD3 can be programmed with limitations.

• No additional voltage source may be connected to the programmer. The 60971 Programmer is powered only by means of the USB plug. Safety Notes

• Use only in dry spaces

• Operate only on computers with USB ports

• When operating the 60971 Programmer the components or connections on the Programmer, the adapter, or the decoders connected to them, should not be disturbed.

• IMPORTANT! This unit has sharp edges and points that are part of its design and function. Important Notes The operating instructions are a component part of this product and must therefore be kept in a safe place and accompany the product when the latter is transferred to a third party.

Contents as Delivered

• 60971 Programmer

• Decoder connector adapter Requirements for Use:

• PC with Internet connections and 100 MB free memory space for the software and 1 GB free memory space for the project data.

• An available USB connection, USB 2.0 or higher

• FTDI driver software (Virtual COM Port driver, is installed automatically)

• Microsoft® Windows XP™ or higher and a file archiver

• Software: mDT (download from the Märklin web page)

Use The appropriate driver is installed automatically when the Programmer is first connected to a PC with the operating system Windows XP™ or newer.

After that the programmer is available to use and can be used with the mDT program.

1. Separate the adapter from the Programmer (plug connection).

2. Connect the decoder to be programmed to the adapter.

3. Then plug the adapter with the decoder into the Programmer again.

4. The decoder can now be read and/or programmed in conjunction with the software mentioned above. The exact sequence of steps is described in the instructions for the software.

60971 - Decoder Programr HO 3 rail

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