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MASSOTH - 8151701 - eMOTION Powercap maxi

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8151701 - eMOTION Powercap Maxi

eMOTION Power cap maxi

The new Powercap maxi replaces the former eMOTION Goldcap Buffer 8151501.

The size has been reduced by approximately 40%.

 Buffer Time up to 30 seconds!

The eMOTION Powercap maxi bridges track power interruptions. The motor and all special functions of the decoder will be supplied with power during these interruptions. This makes locomotives pass switch frogs and track sections with corroded or contaminated tracks easily and without any speed change. The maximum buffer time is 30 seconds and depends on the total load, the driving speed, and the charge state.

 Intelligent Technology & Suitable for most Decoders

The integrated intelligent circuits with the high capacity capacitors make the Powercap maxi suitable for all decoders with decoder + and decoder - inputs. (tested with: Massoth, LGB®, Lenz®, Zimo®)


Hook-Up with an eMOTION Loco Decoder

The Powercap maxi is particularly suited for the operation with the decoder of the eMOTION series. The red wire connects to Decoder + and the black wire connects to Decoder - The third wire (white) controls the charging function. This wire is connected to a function output of an eMOTION loco decoder. During programming and CV reading the charging function is automatically disabled to ensure proper programming and reading. Third party decoders and older decoders require a switch (provided) for this.

The performance data are:

•  buffering time up to 30 seconds depend ending on connected load)

•  maximum drawing current 3 amps

•  maximum charging current 400mAmps

•  operating voltage 6-20V DC (max. 24V)

 Dimensions LxBxH: 2 PCBs approx. 41x12x35mm

 Item-No.: 8151701

MASSOTH - 8151701 - eMOTION Powercap Maxi

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