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Open 24/7 online
Showroom open 930am to 430pm
202 Bong Bong Street, Bowral, NSW 2576
(Closed Sunday and Public Holidays)
Call us on 0248712966

Massoth - 8230220 - eMOTION XLS - RhB Gem 4/4 Electric Loc

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eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder - RhB Gem 4/4 Electric Loco Massoth - 8230220

eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder with Factory Sound RhB Gem 4/4 Electric Loco 

Powerful 3 Amp Sound Decoder with up to 6 sound channels and 13 function outputs. Usable for locomotives with up to two motors.



Breaking with a special polarized DC-Voltage


These 4 operation sound types can be adjusted separately:

Initial start sequences

Standing sound sequences

Shut down sequences

Operation sound sequences


The new eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder is the up and coming standard of the exquisite garden model railroad sound decoders. The XLS features a powerful output stage for up to two motors (3 AMPS) as well as 1 AMP for sound, light, and other functions.

Additionally, 11 function outputs including 3 light outputs and 4 contact inputs are available which makes this unit exceptionally feasible.

The integrated sound power amplifier with 6 independent sound channels sets the standard in today's locomotive sound simulations. The audio power amplifier delivers 1 watt (sinus) at 8 ohms impedance. The eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder delivers optimum characteristics for analogue and digital operation.

Optimized Analog- and Digital operation guaranteed

The XLS works in analogue mode starting at the lowest voltage possible. The settings and functions of the decoder may be set with the DiMAX PC Module and may be used in analogue mode. Thus sounds may be triggered in analogue mode via reed contacts.

Once again, we would like to point out that sound- and software updates can only be performed with the DiMAX PC-Module (8175001)


The eMOTION XLS is compatible to NMRA/DCC and works with all generations of the LGB® MTS systems. State of the art DATAFLASH technology and the latest programming procedures enable the reloading of sounds and software directly via the track.

ORIGINAL SOUND in digital quality

The XLS is delivered with a HiFi loudspeaker (57 mm) with a metal cap and an interface cable for LGB® and Aristocraft DCC. The unit may be installed wire by wire as well. Mounting material is provided. Here you can find the list of loudspeakers of each loco.

Technical Data Drive Decoder:

- NMRA/DCC compatible

- LGB® MTS I, II, and III compatible

- best driving characteristics with analogue op. (selectable)

- 14, 28, and 128 Speed Steps

- 256 internal speed steps

- 10239 Locomotive Addresses

- Automatic Detection of operating mode and speed steps setting

- 3.0 Amps max. continuous output (drive stage)

- 4.0 Amps max. maximum total output (incl. functions)

- Adjustable Motor frequency

- Load Control in digital and analogue

- Switching Speed (programmable)

- Adjustable Motor driving curve


Technical Data Sound Amplifier:

- 6 independent sound channels

- High end amplifier stage with 1 Watt output (sinus)

- Loudspeaker connection with 8 Ohms impedance

- Sound Storage Capacity up to 150 sec.

Technical Data Function Outputs:

- 3 Light outputs (front, rear, internal 0.3 Amps each)

- 6 Function outputs (0.6 Amps each)

- Programmable Special Functions

- Suitable for Power Buffer connection

- 1 Amp max output of all function outputs

- Intelligent function mapping up to F16

- Parallel and serial data processing (LGB® MTS Pulse Chain Control)

  and automatic detection (serial data processing disengage able)

Size in Millimetres: 60 x 32 x 18mm

eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder - RhB Gem 4/4 Electric Loco Massoth - 8230220

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