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NOCH - 15809 - Children H0

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15809 - Children H0


The model figure set "Children" contains nine figures. All are suitable for the track gauge H0, i.e. for the scale 1:87, and are hand-painted.

Two girls hold hands. The left figure was a red knee-length dress, a grey cardigan, red socks and yellow shoes. The right-hand era is wearing a green jacket, a white T-shirt, a green skirt, red socks and grey shoes.

The boy, who is running to the bus, is wearing a light blue jacket, grey long trousers and white shoes.

The next two boys are talking about the girls in their class at the break yard. The left boy is wearing a dark blue jacket, a white T-shirt, dark blue knee-length trousers and white shoes. The right-hand man's outfit consists of a yellow sweater, dark brown long trousers and black shoes.

Another girl is on her way to school. As it's summer, she has a thin pink blouse, a turquoise, knee-length skirt, white knee socks and turquoise shoes on.

On the Pausenh of there is a lot of activity before the start of school. The couple from the 7th grade are on their way to the classroom. The boy is wearing a brown sweater, dark blue long trousers, and brown shoes. He holds his girlfriend by the hand. She is wearing a short orange dress and yellow shoes.

Finally, there is also a little girl with a lilac sweater, an orange skirt, white socks, and brown shoes on her way to the beginning of the lesson.

They are all school children and that is why every child wears a school ranch on his back. In 2017 we celebrate a small figure anniversary: In 1997 the first NOCH figures came on the market and in the meantime the program has changed quite nicely. In the meantime, we have over 250 different sets of figures and offer 500 individual figures on That is definitely

15809 - Children H0

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