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Open 24/7 online
Showroom open 930am to 430pm
202 Bong Bong Street, Bowral, NSW 2576
(Closed Sunday and Public Holidays)
Call us on 0248712966

NOCH - 61155 - Detail Markers - ,G,1,0,H0,TT,N,Z

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Detail Markers - ,G,1,0,H0,TT,N,Z NOCH - 61155 for all Gauges

6 markers; 1 marker each in black, white, silver, yellow, red and brown


Paint on Details Quickly and Easily!

NOCH Detail Markers

In modelling, there’s an array of details that can be enhanced with very little colour. Sometimes, though, it’s not ‘worthwhile’ to open a paint tin specially for that purpose, stir the paint and clean the paintbrush, etc. NOCH has developed the Detail Markers so that you can quickly paint on details in future without all this hassle.

The water-based acrylic paint adheres to many surfaces, such as metal, plastic, wood, paper, glass, ceramics and so on. All the paints dry realistically matte. The pen tip is approx. 2 mm wide. It is also very easy to use shake the pen briefly before use, remove the lid, paint on the detail, close the pen and set it aside.

Detail Markers - ,G,1,0,H0,TT,N,Z NOCH - 61155

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