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Open 24/7 online
Showroom open 930am to 430pm
202 Bong Bong Street, Bowral, NSW 2576
(Closed Sunday and Public Holidays)
Call us on 0248712966

Trix - 16496 - d Class 151 Electric Locomotive (N Scale)

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Class 151 Electric Locomotive (N Scale) MiniTrix - 16496

Class 151 electric locomotive

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) heavy freight locomotive, road number 151 111-2. The locomotive looks as it did around 1978. Use freight and passenger trains.


Many sound functions.

Lighting with warm white LEDs.

cab lighting.

The peak signal can be switched off.

Product description Model: The locomotive has a built-in digital decoder and sound generator for operation with mfx and DCC.

Engine with flywheel, 4 axles powered, traction tires.

Headlights and taillights that change with the direction of travel, warm white LEDs, and driver's cab lighting, can be controlled digitally. Kinematics for close coupling.

The headlights change over with the direction of travel and will work in analogue operation.

Attached handlebars.

Length over buffers 122 mm.

One-time series.

big business

T16492 – Class 151 Electric Locomotive Due to increased performance requirements in heavy and fast freight traffic, the 151 series appeared in 1972 as a further development of the 150 series (until 1968: E 50). based on which envisaged speeds of up to 120 km/h and trainloads of up to 2,000 tons for freight traffic. These values ​​could only be achieved by a locomotive with an output of over 5,000 kW so a mere revision of the 150 series was ruled out from the outset. Krupp and AEG were responsible for the construction of the 151. In the interest of standardization, the proven traction motors of the 110 and 140 series were used, but completely new methods of insulation and heat dissipation had to be developed to achieve the desired increase in performance. Despite this, the locomotive became so heavy due to the unavoidable new, more powerful main transformer and the reinforced electric resistance brake that the required wheelset load could only be met by extreme use of lightweight construction technology. According to the latest findings, the driver's cabs were fitted with ergonomic seats and air conditioning. It was obligatory to equip it with wear buffer planks, which made it possible to attach central buffer couplings without any problems. The tried-and-tested bogies of the 150 were eliminated and new ones made of welded lightweight steel were constructed. The box support and wheelset guidance by lemniscate links could be taken over from the 103 series. The proven rubber ring spring drive was retained. A 29-stage high-voltage switching mechanism with thyristor load switches now took care of controlling the traction motor voltage. The 151 001 was the first to be delivered on November 21, 1972. By 1977, 170 machines had been built at Krupp, Henschel, Krauss-Maffei, AEG, Siemens, and BBC, which were initially used throughout Germany and in some cases even in front of passenger trains. Road numbers 151 089-122 had, and in some cases still have, an automatic coupler (“Unicupler”) and for many years ran mostly in double traction pulling heavy ore trains on the Hamburg – Beddingen (5,700 t), Venlo – Dillingen (5,130 t) and Moers routes – Linz (3,220 t). After only locomotives that had been involved in an accident had been decommissioned until 2009, there were large-scale shutdowns after the economic and financial crisis, so that the number of six-axle vehicles used by the DB in 2019 had shrunk to eight units with automatic couplings. But many 151s have found a new field of activity in recent years with private transport companies such as Bayernbahn (5 units), EGP (6 units), Hector Rail (10 units), HSL (3 units), Locomotion (4 units). ), Saar Rail (2 copies) and SRI (4 copies).

digital functions

DCC        SX2         SX           MFX

peak signal                                                         

locomotive whistle                                                         

E-loco driving noise                                                        

cab lighting                                                        

direct control                                                    

brake squeal off                                                               

Headlight off at rear                                                       

shunting whistle                                                              

Front signal off                                                 

station announcement                                                 

conductor whistle                                                           



Release compressed air                                                

operating noise                                                

Special sound function                                                  

Close the door                                                  

station announcement                                                 

cabin radio                                                         

coupling noise                                                  

Operating noise 1                                                            


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Class 151 Electric Locomotive (N Scale) MiniTrix - 16496

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