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UHLENBROCK - 63410-LocoNet Switch Module

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63410 - LocoNet Switch Module 

1. Operation

The LocoNet Switch module can be used for switching turnouts, lamps and signals. It receives the switching commands from the control centre or control devices via the

LocoNet. The loads (Turnouts, lamps etc.) are connected directly to the module and are energized by a transformer that is connected to the LocoNet module. That way the devices that are supplied by the module don’t load the digital driving current from the control centre or booster.

The LocoNet Switch module has 20 output terminals for 20 different devices. Each of the 20 outputs can be individually configured for operating mode:

The inexpensive replacement for magnetic goods and switchgear coders with superior possibilities

The LocoNet switching module is a switching and magnetic goods decoder and switches up to 10 switches or switches up to 10 light signals-also multi-term with slow fading and fading or switching up to 20 lights on your system. And all this mixed on one module.

With 20 switching exits of 1 A

Each output must be configured as a permanent exit (for lamps) or moment exit (for switches or form signals), regardless of other outputs.

Soft blurring of signal images

Exemplary control of light signals with up to 4 signal terms

All outputs can be controlled by magnetic articulated or feedback squads.

Our LocoNet switching module is a universal genius. A single module that lets you do all the switching operations on your system. You can use the switching module to switch lights, switches, direction tracks, shape signals, light signals, effect lights and St Andrew's crosses. All these switching tasks can be distributed to the 20 switching outputs at will. We have placed particular emphasis on the exemplary control of light signals. The switching module switches up to 4-conceptual main signals and advance signals. And the highlight of signal control is the blend function. The change of light happens if you want, not hard, but it is softened from one signal image to another.St. Andrew's crosses and other effect lighting are not a problem either. With a flashing generator and the blend function, you can realize an exemplary St. Andrew's Cross. Or combine both flashing generators into a switchable, defective streetlight. 

With the module's 20 switching outputs, you can operate up to ten switches, five multi-term signals, or 20 switching functions. Each output can be charged up to 1 A, but the total load must not exceed 3 A.The LocoNet switching module is powered by a separate Transformer and does not strain the LocoNet or the digital center. 

The LocoNet switching module has a common plus pole for all consumers. This makes it not possible to connect motor inclinations or light signals with a common minus pole. Motor turnaround drives require an operating voltage with changing polarity. The solution is provided by the polarity convert. Connected to the LocoNet switching module, it provides four outputs with a common minus pole. You can connect two light signals to this. With the polarity there is also a change of polarity. This means that nothing stands in the way of the connection of motor turnaround drives. Up to five polarity commanders fit a LocoNet switching module.

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63410-LocoNet Switch Module

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