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UHLENBROCK - 68510-MARCo Receiver

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MARCo-Receiver + Feedback 68 510

MARCo is an automation system, based on the RailCom® technology, that makes bi-directional occupancy detection systems. Simply stated the locomotive sends its locomotive address to the track and in response receives new running information from the track.  This information is passed from the locomotive to the track. The track has a detector connected which can receive this information. So that the information has space in the digital signal on the track, the booster must provide a corresponding gap in the DCC digital signal (e.g. Intellibox II, Booster Power 4). This gap is known as “Cut-out”.  If the detector has received this information, it forwards it to the MARCo Receiver. The MARCo Receiver reacts with the previously programmed settings and then sends the new locomotive instructions to the Intellibox via the LocoNet. The Centre transforms the instructions into a DCC signal and sends them via the track to the locomotive decoder which controls the locomotive using the new information.

The RailCom technology functions exclusively with the DCC Data format.

The RailCom Information from the locomotive is sent by a RailCom transmitter, or a locomotive decoder that is RailCom equipped.

The MARCo Receiver 68510 has all the characteristics of its predecessor 68500 for a modular automation with RailCom®. These are fully outlined in the MARCo Manual. The Manual is included with the MARCo-Set 68100 or can be downloaded free of charge from our internet site In hard copy it can also be ordered under the part number 60 810.

he knew feature in the MARCo Receiver 68 510 is that it is now possible to have feedback due to the integrated current sensors.

The new Generation of MARCo Receiver 68 510 can now give a “genuine” track occupancy feedback. For that, MARCo Receivers have additional current sensors which detect a current flow in the track and translate this to a feedback.  A current load can be a locomotive, a wagon with lights or a wagon that has resistive lacquer (Part No. 40410) applied to its axels.  If a current of at least 10mA flows in the monitored track section a status of “occupied” is reported.  If no current is flowing in the section “vacant” is reported. In order to extend the uses of the MARCo Receivers even more, the module sends two solenoid switching instructions for each change of state, “occupied” or “vacant”, at the track input. This now allows correct red indication on a track plan control desk.

68510-MARCo Receiver with feed-back

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