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UHLENBROCK - 73415-Mini decoder, Multi, DC, regulator

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73415 - Mini Multi Decoder 6 pin N Gauge

The Digital decoder is the brain of your locomotive. It determines the handling characteristics and switching options. A poorly selected decoder can easily go to seed the joy of the vehicle. IntelliDrive-Decoder are on the highest level of technology and guarantee optimum driving characteristics. In our extensive range you will find the most suitable decoder for your locomotive. In the DCC operation, the decoder with 14, 27, 28 or 128 speed steps. You are in the long addresses can be set. This results in an address range of 1-9999. In the Motorola mode, the decoder an address range of 1-255. With the Märklin Central 6020 and 6021 are, however, only 80 addresses. The decoder can be programd about Motorola and DCC Central and with all the well-known programming types. The control of the lokmotors is done with decoders with load balancing across a motor voltage with a frequency of 18.75 KHz, which ensures an extremely quiet engine operation. Minimum speed, maximum speed and start-up brake delay are adjustable. The direction-dependent light outputs are dimmable, some decoders also the special function outputs. In addition, a switchable marshalling course enables a very fine speed control in the low-range. Shunting gear and start braking deceleration can be switched on and off via the function keys.

 Item No. 73415 mini decoder, Micro Susi, Multi, DC, control, cable

Suitable for:

  • Track width: N-DD-H0e-H0m

  • Data format: DCC/mot.

  • Dc operation: Yes


  • Durability: 0.5 A

  • Motor peak current: 1.0 A

  • Light and special functions: 0.25 A

  • Dimmable light outputs: yes

  • Additional special function outputs: no

  • Time-controlled outputs: No special function

  • No function mapping:

  • SUSI sound interface: via solder pads 1*)

  • LISSY output: via solder pads 1*)


  • Addresses DCC/Motorola: 9999/255 2*)

  • Gears DCC/Motorola: 128/14

  • Load control: yes

  • Programmable motor characteristic: no

  • Shunting gear: yes

  • Engage the brake delay: yes

  • Short-circuit protected: yes

  • Overtemperature protection: yes

  • Update enabled flash memory: yes

  • Micro Susi

  • Error memory: yes

  • Connection: 6-pin Plug

  • Size in mm 12.5 x 7.5 x 2.8 3*)


With solder pads for sound modules or lissy mini transmitter.

1*) SUSI and lissy are only usable as an alternative
2*) with the Märklin Central 6020 and 6021 are only 80 Addresses
3*) Dimensions without pins0


73415 - Mini Multi Decoder 6 Pin N Gauge

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